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Domestic Double Garage


Project Type: Double Bay Domestic Garage
Client: Private
System: Cold Rolled Steel Frame & Plastisol Coated Steel Cladding
Colour: Juniper Green
Dimensions: (w)7.0m x (l)12.0m x (h)3.34m
Bays: 3
Frame Spacing: 4.0m

Project Description

Constructed in the home owners extensive garden this two bay double garage structure was a great solution to the clients vehicle storage requirements.

Blending with the landscape this cold rolled steel building, clad in Juniper Green plastisol coated steel, provided a quick and efficient build with minimum disruption to the household during construction.

The building was designed using exclusively licensed software giving the customer total control over the design and the costs. The complete package of components was then supplied from our manufacturing facility complete with engineering drawings and calculations supplied by an independent structural engineer.

Our garages can be fitted with standard “up and over” doors or space saving roller shutter doors with high level security features. Additional features can also be included depending on the required building use including rooflights, side doors and rainwater systems.



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