Flashings are used to protect the edges of roofs and walls.

Our barge boards, drip, ridge, and corner flashings are all manufactured from standard pre-coated steel and can be folded to exact specifications.

We can manufacture any type of flashing to any requirement, however our standard details are displayed below; To avoid aesthetic problems as the building ages, we recommend that flashings should be made from the same material as the profiled sheets.

All flashings are supplied in custom sizes available to match your project needs.

United Products Barge Flashing


United Products Eaves Gutter Support Bracket


United Products Internal Corner Flashing


United Products Drip Flashing


United Products External Corner Flashing


United Products Ridge Flashing


Materials and Colours

Olive-Green---LGPlastisol Coated Steel In a leathergrain aesthetic finish which is a lightly textured surface resembling a leathergrain effect. This finish has a high resistance to scratching and damage with a life expectancy of up to 25 years in standard environments. Suitable for both roof and wall applications, providing excellent performance at a competitive price. All…
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Monday, March 23rd, 2015